Frequently Asked Questions

Our services are not covered under OHIP.

Regarding extended health care benefits, please check with your provider or administrator to see if you are covered for Registered Acupuncture (regulated under the CTCMPAO) or Registered Massage Therapy (regulated under the CMTO).

We do not accept WSIB or MVA claims at this time.
Visa and Mastercard, Debit, cash and gift certificates.
Wear loose fitting & comfortable clothing.

This allows easy access to a large number of Acupuncture points and allows the practitioner full range of movement with your body when doing an Osteopathic treatment.

Most treatments can be done while the patient is fully dressed. Avoid coming to your appointment on an empty stomach.

Yes. All our treatments are safe during pregnancy. Please inform your practitioner before treatment.

We address many common symptoms such as: nausea, pain (eg. carpal tunnel syndrome, sciatica), water retention, and fatigue. Acupuncture is commonly used to turn breech babies and for labour induction.

Did you know?

We offer free 15-minute consultations. We want you to feel confident in our care, so that you can take the next steps to improve your health.